Pho Sho

I am in the Gateway to the West.

The Lou.

Remember, my parents moved here this year.

(kind of – were a two-city fam)

It has been good for my soul to see them.

And since I see them only a couple times a year, I get a bit spoiled. ;)

They have been showing me all of their favorite spots around town.

And I have to say, the best kept secret in St. Louis isĀ Little Saigon.


The Pho is incredible.

Light, flavorful and full of fresh ingredients.

Momma makes it back in the kitchen, and her sons keep the place under control.

They know our names when we walk in now.

And I’m part proud, part accepting the fact that I eat here too much.

Okay, definitely not too much.

I could go for some right now…

Looks like I know where I am going for dinner!

Anyone know of any other good places in St. Louis?


One thought on “Pho Sho

  1. Grandma Bobbie

    I agree they have the best food. I can hardly wait to eat there again. And it is in walking distance from their home, that makes it so easy.


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