Plans are Overrated

Not to be repetitive or anything,

But I had the best weekend of my life.

I anticipated a quiet weekend in Granada because most of the students here were traveling to London.

Quiet is definitely what it wasn’t.

Friday was incredible but I am ignoring it for the time being (another post, another time).

Because I just really need to focus on Saturday and Sunday for a minute.


Hiked the Sierra Nevada.


^^^ Is it just me or is that rainbow in the lower right hand corner a sign from Mother Earth. Don’t crush my thoughts if it is a camera malfunction or something… ^^^


^^^ Found the perfect spot to chill ^^^

The trails are only about 20 minutes away from my flat. How sweet is that? Gah, I wish I had more time here.


My camera died an hour into the hike so I wasn’t able to capture the swinging bridges and rushing waters.

Oh! And there was this small clearing I found after maneuvering my way around some giant rocks. It reminded me of the Horcrux Cave and lake in Harry Potter. Except smaller and it was daylight. And there wasn’t a horcrux in the bottom of it but ANYWAYS…

What an amazing day.

Nature is my happy place and I think I dreamed that night of traveling around the world seeking cool nature spots.

Ah, one day..

That night, Stellie, Ben and I went to get tapas.

5 cervezas/tapas later we were drunk & full and ended up playing some pool at a local gin & tonic bar, Babel.

(and we got table service, 10 points for the Americans!!!)

We planned on sleeping in and having a chill Sunday at the water park.


At around 4 pm on Sunday, while we were ready to walk out the door to the water park,

Stellie suggests we check out the San Juan Festival one more time.

If you don’t know what this festival is, here ya go.

(it’s okay I didn’t either until everyone in town was raving about it)

To keep this post from being insanely long, I’m gonna sum it up real nice for ya.

It happens once a year and is one of the biggest cultural celebrations in Spain. So I stayed in a hostel called “The Oasis”, partied with Australians, Spaniards, Germans and Canadians, oh and Stellie and Ben, and at midnight, thousands of lanterns were released into the sky and hundreds of people ran at the exact time into the Mediterranean ocean to “cleanse their souls” with a new beginning. Then, huge bonfires were burning and everyone jumped over them and burned pieces of paper of things they wanted to leave in the past. Then once the sun began to come up, I left the beach and walked back to the bus station and got on the first one back to Granada at 7 am for class this morning. Just saying, it was the most epic-ly spontaneous and insane adventure of my life thus far. And honestly, you just had to be there.


^^^ So happy we snagged the back row. Because, you know me and my people watching addiction. ^^^


                                                                                               ^^^ Stellie and Ben ^^^


^^^ Can you even believe Stellie booked this without me knowing the name? It was fate. Also, it was definitely the funnest hostel ever. Everyone was partying and meeting each other as soon as we walked in the door. We didn’t even sleep there. We got one bed just so we had a place to lock our stuff up in. And talk about awkward when we came back at 5 in the morning and loudly rummaged around while the innocent ‘Oasians’ were snoozing. Oh well. ^^^


^^^ Roof top bar. I mean, life was complete at that point…. ^^^


^^^ Stellie in front of the Malaga flag! ^^^



^^^ And to think, I paid 2 euro for this place… ^^^

My weekend was a dream.

Totally spontaneous and a complete adventure.


3 thoughts on “Plans are Overrated

  1. Grandma Bobbie

    What a fun time. KEEP THAT CAMERA CHARGED for the poor folks like me that are sitting at home. Love you.

  2. Anna Beth

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I am obsessed… can we please go to europe together when I graduate after my internship?!!?!?


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