C+C Creative

Exciting news I’ve been dying to share.

C+C Creative is officially launched. What is C+C Creative? It is a promotional company focused on spotlighting local artists and music. We have been working hard developing ideas, strategies and goals for our new venture. Cari McInturff (Director of Operations), Connor Harville (Creative Director), Kaley Azambuja (Artist & Repertoire Representative), and myself (Director of Public Relations). Check out our badass website.


Instagram: candccreative

Twitter: candccreative

Tumblr: candccreative

The four of us share one thing in common. A passion for live music. We set out to discover the artists and bands that are insanely talented and promote their music/upcoming shows so EVERYONE can realize their awesomeness. Genius, right?

Anyways, Our first project is called the Covert Campaign.


Basically, we stormed every hotspot on campus with Covert Cards. We blew up every social media platform and asked the world to scavenger hunt for our hidden cards, snap a photo, and post it tagging @candccreative with the chance of winning an awesome prize pack (*Fort Sanders fest tickets/signed posters*…cough cough).



It was a HUGE success. Here are some of my favorite photos that were shared:photo photo photo photo

I will be posting about C+C Creative on Huepoint. So stay tuned and lookout for some ‘sit-downs’ with artists and other absolutely enlightening musical tales. In the meantime, be a friend and like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and whatever else you can do to get the word out!


8 thoughts on “C+C Creative

      1. Lauren

        How did you find my blog?

        BTW, my grandmother used to live outside of Dickson, TN.. I spent a good 20 minutes trying to find it on google, and the only thing i came up with was me talking about it 5 years ago, hah!

      2. Hue Post author

        That is close to where I am from! I found your blog just scrolling through the freshly pressed page and thought it was interesting.

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