Yes, you’re right. That white blur is John dominating the sidewalk with his scooter.


We were at the Tour de Fat festival a few weeks ago, sitting under a tree, talking about life and decided to get up right then and there and buy two red razor scooters from Target. Best impulse buy ever.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The best is starting at the top of the parking garage in my apartment complex and riding down – squatting low to have maximum speed and minimum wind resistance (<– scared of myself).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And this right here is one of the prime hidden locations we found. Smooth sidewalk that goes for about half a mile. Perfection.

brb gotta go scoot.


Hey Denver

Adios Nashville. Hello Denver.

Yep, I have moved across the country to continue my career in the TV industry – and I feel lucky that Denver is my new home. I really dig this place already.


And this guy came with! (although he will say he brought me – as he was accepted into graduate school here before I accepted my job). We are just so ready to explore this place together and settle into our new place!

Guys, Denver is so cool. The best of both worlds in my book.


A vibrant, young & hip downtown – my tiny little flat is in Uptown/North Capitol Hill.


And a quick drive (seriously 20 minutes) and you are surrounded by some of the most beautiful and captivating nature our country has to offer.

So here’s to bold, scary, EXCITING life changes. I live for this kinda stuff.


Emeraldene, My Roommate

My beautifully talented roommate, Claire, has a blog.

Yesterday, she wrote a post on our house The Oasis.

I decided I had to share it because she has a way with words & it made my heart burst.

Here is the link. (<– click, click!)

Claire made thinking about graduation a whole lot harder.

The spring-semester-senior-year-panic-attacks are a lot like what I imagine hot flashes are for menopausal women.

They come in frequent waves, and they hit ya hard.

And yet! I’m lucky I have three homies by my side.

P.S. MEXICO IS HAPPENING. (read Claire’s post)



Lobster Roll Bliss

I was in Chicago (one of my favorite cities) for Christmas.

Chicago took my lobster roll virginity

and I’m so glad I went to the dark side.


Bub City had a familiar ‘southern’ atmosphere and in my seasoned (jk) experience,

the best lobster roll in Chicago. (but really)

Light on the mayo, heavy on the lobster.

Does anyone have a favorite place to get some lobst-ah?

Pumpkin Bourbon Milkshake

This weekend it finally felt like fall.

The weather was perfect. We went to the pumpkin patch. I didn’t set an alarm. We built a bonfire. I made pumpkin recipes. And I have to share my favorite. Pumpkin Bourbon Milkshake. Woah. I know, I know. Keep reading:

photo 2

This recipe is so easy. All you do is add all the ingredients and blend. You can also add 1/2 cup of cream for a thicker consistency. It’s up to you!

photo copy 3


Graeter’s is the best ice cream you can buy at a grocery store. I am not biased, this is just true. And if you haven’t had it, try the raspberry dark chocolate.



I am not huge on the whole dairy thing. Why a milkshake, you ask? I don’t think I need to answer that question. But I do substitute soy milk instead of dairy milk. You can also use almond milk or coconut milk.

photo copy 2

So the nice liquor store man suggested this type of Bourbon. I liked the label so I was game. We tried a little before putting it in the blender, and it was nothing like Woodford Reserve (I tried to convince John to let us use his Woodford Reserve) but apparently you don’t blend Woodford with milkshake. Therefore, this bourbon did the job.

photo copy

This milkshake is deliciously pumpkiny. I highly recommend drinking it around a fire pit because the warm fire and cold milkshake is an amazingly fall experience. I love the change of seasons, don’t they just make you happy?




It’s been a while.

I’m not even going to try and make excuses. When I check one thing off my to-do list, three more things are added. Therefore, blogging keeps getting pushed down to the bottom.

So, what have I been so busy with? (I know you’re so curious.) Well for starters, I have a new job! I am working in the Content Distribution and Marketing department at Scripps Networks Interactive. (saaay what?) Basically, I am interning for the marketing department at the cooperate headquarters of FoodNetwork, HGTV, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, DIY Network and GAC. I looove it so far, it has already been such a learning experience. And also, I am very busy because I work every day and have 17 hours of class. So I said I wouldn’t make an excuse, but there’s that.

Moving on!

I recently went to D.C. for the weekend. My best friend Fleet lives right outside the city. We had a lake day on Saturday and on Sunday we explored the city. I just love weekend adventures. Good for my soul.


^^^ Road trips excite me. I like to think of the car as my temporary home for the time being.


^^^ And when you arrive to a place like this…




^^^ Lake and beer. A winning combination.

We then headed into the city for the day. The energy of D.C. is outta this world. Just walking around there were families and friends from all over the world. It seemed like a melting pot. Sure, there were tourists everywhere near the Capitol but hearing so many different languages spoken around me was really cool. D.C. is such a unique city.




Georgetown. Sign me up. I’ll move there today. No questions asked.


If you’re ever in the Georgetown area. First off, check out the Madewell store. Second off, get a sandwich at Stachowskis. I mean, look at that monster. It’s a tiny little butchery on the corner of the street. I could tell it was a local spot. People we’re walking in with groceries and bags, grabbing a sandwich or meat for dinner. The vibe was really cool. And the sandwich, on point.



photo 2


My best friends are the best road-trip partners in the entire world. What an amazing weekend. Thanks D.C. for being awesome and succeeding our expectations.


Last First Day

Today is my last first day of school. Ever.


I know I kind of went deep on my last post about how weird the reality of growing old is,

but I just can’t believe I am a senior in college!

The University of Tennessee was not exactly where I pictured myself being 5 years ago.


I had dreams of going to Australia or Hawaii for college…

But I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join The Vols.

I feel unbelievably blessed that my college experience has been the best 3, going on 4, years of my life.


I’m back in the Oasis.

I’m back with my best friends.

I’m back in my groove.

And damn does it feel good!


Walking around campus today laughing at lost freshmen with their maps out felt great.

And it’s not because I am heartless.

It’s because I am just so glad that it isn’t me anymore. (juniorwithmap=notcool)

(^it happened)


Anyways, this place is just really the best.

I plan to seize every moment of senior year,

And fully relish in the last moments of easy student life.

Because, I am sure it really is easy compared to the real world.

Or so I have been told. ;)

Happy Last First Day of School guys.


Getting Old & Hometown Visits

I have traveled across the entire world this summer.

And I feel incredibly blessed to say that the Tennessee hills are still at the top of my list.


^^^ I snapped this on a run earlier today.

Franklin, TN (20 outside of Nashville) is my childhood.

My roots, stomping grounds, just home.

Every time I reach the Concord exit, my soul exhales, “ahhhhh”.

Knowing how every turn on every road feels exactly, I could drive with my eyes closed.

Guaranteed to run into at least 5 people in Publix.

A mental checklist of places to eat during short visits. (you know me & food)

This particular trip, it seems I have uttered, “Wow remember this…” 100 times.

Maybe I’m getting old.

Who am I kidding, one of my old best friends got married the other night.

I am growing up.

Somehow I turned on The Hills the other day on TV.

(don’t pretend you didn’t used to watch it)

I am older than them…

And I am okay with this, sort of.

Embarking on my senior year of college.

I guess I have to be ready!

 I always promise myself I will write what is on my mind.

And I guess today, its that time seems to be slipping by too quickly.


Pho Sho

I am in the Gateway to the West.

The Lou.

Remember, my parents moved here this year.

(kind of – were a two-city fam)

It has been good for my soul to see them.

And since I see them only a couple times a year, I get a bit spoiled. ;)

They have been showing me all of their favorite spots around town.

And I have to say, the best kept secret in St. Louis is Little Saigon.


The Pho is incredible.

Light, flavorful and full of fresh ingredients.

Momma makes it back in the kitchen, and her sons keep the place under control.

They know our names when we walk in now.

And I’m part proud, part accepting the fact that I eat here too much.

Okay, definitely not too much.

I could go for some right now…

Looks like I know where I am going for dinner!

Anyone know of any other good places in St. Louis?